Ultra Destructible Tamper Evident Asset Labels

Ultra Destructible Labels

Tamper evident ultra destructible labels are asset and security labels that clearly show any evidence of label tampering.

How Tamper Evident Destructible Labels Work

These tamper evident labels are impossible to remove in one piece and will break into small pieces if anyone tries to remove the label. Protecting your property by acting as a theft deterrent that also discourages unauthorised asset transfers. 

Tamper Evident Label Features

 These Ultra Destructible labels have the following features:

Order Tamper Evident LabelsPlease note these labels are not laminated as this would destroy the destructibility and make the label ineffective.

Supplied on rolls.

All prices per 100 labels - Min. order 300 labels

Size / Qty3005001000200030005000
38 x 19mm £63.35 £48.20 £30.20 £23.65 £21.55 £18.10
50 x 19mm £63.35 £48.20 £30.20 £23.65 £21.55 £18.10
50 x 25mm £65.20 £50.25 £32.25 £24.85 £21.60 £19.85
65 x 20mm £65.20 £50.25 £32.25 £24.85 £21.60 £19.85

 Prices are for one colour print, logo if required and sequential numbering/barcode

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