Why use Asset Labels?

There are lots of good reasons to use asset labels for your business. Here are just a few:

By attaching a individually numbered label to each of your assets it's easy to keep track of each item. Barcode labels are also an option to use with asset management software. The asset numbers are stored in an asset register which allows you to track and monitor all your equipment. Using this system has a number of advantages for businesses of all sizes.

These include:

Asset labelling deter thieves. Potential thieves will be able to see that you track and monitor your equipment and therefore are less likely to risk stealing it.

Barcode labels and asset tracking software makes it quick and easy to do an asset audit.

Avoid wasting company time looking for misplaced assets and equipment or, worse, replacing equipment only to find out later that you had the items all along but couldn't locate them because of lack of an asset system.

If you have equipment that you loan out, using asset labels makes co-ordinating very simple. At any time the co-ordinator will know where an item is and also how many items are available.

If you have many identical looking items, it can be difficult trying to keep track of each individual item. This can be a problem with, for example, school equipment such as musical instruments. Using asset labels with a number will simplify this process.

It's important to remember that some insurance companies insist on seeing proof of ownership of business items. An asset register can provide this.

Asset labels are an investment which can save your company money in the short and long term. You'll waste less time and money on looking for equipment and replacing items that are lost or stolen.

Asset labels prevent theft and item swapping. Labels are available which leave a VOID mark if removed, making stolen or swapped goods pretty much useless in terms of being sold on.

Asset labels are suitable for all types of assets and equipment in all sectors. This includes schools, private companies, government organizations, manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Asset labels include company name and can also include with your company's logo, making your equipment instantly recognisable.

Dantech is a leading provider of asset labels. Our knowledge is extensive and our customers include companies, schools and universities, health sector organizations, the police, local and central governments, as well as manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Published on Tuesday 30th November 1999

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