Small Items: Asset and Security Marking

From the office to manufacturing, most businesses use a wide variety of small but essential items; from data sticks to small parts and tools, it can be hard to keep track of these smaller items. Due to their size, it's far too easy for these items to be mislaid or even stolen, but there are simple and effective ways to keep track of and deter theft.

A low-tech solution can be to simply etch or mark your items, this is probably fine for personal items but not for business. In business, you need a consistent method that offers a professional solution that can easily expand with your business needs.

Dantech has been working with businesses to help them find the right security and asset labelling solutions and offers a range of small item tracking solutions.

Small Item Asset and Security Marking

Minimark Asset & Security Labels

minimark asset labels

Text and information engraved into the surface of Acrylate giving a permanent high contrast, durable and tamper-proof image suitable for all environments.

QR Code & Data Matrix Labels

qr code and datamatrix labels

QR code and Data Matrix labels for Small Parts, Tools, and Instruments. Data Matrix Asset labels use matrix codes that have a large data capacity, high density, and automatic error correction and even if partially damaged the code can still be read.

These asset labels are also available printed on aluminium foil, which can withstand high and low, freezing temperatures.

Micro Asset Labels

micro asset labels

A better way to track small and large tools, instruments and equipment using an advanced barcode solution including sequential numbering and 2D DataMatrix codes only 20 x 10 mm - with barcode

Also suitable for small assets such as cameras, mobiles, PDAs, etc.

To discuss your asset identification requirements in more detail call Dantech on 01354 688488.

Published on Tuesday 28th November 2023

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