Consequences of Lost School Equipment

Even if a “lost” item of equipment is claimed for on the school insurance, it is still likely to have a financial impact on the school 

Every time an item is lost or mislaid, there is an impact, both in terms of cost and in terms of inconvenience.  Even if the item is insured, there is likely to be an increase in premiums as a result of claims.ID Mini Mark Labels from Dantech

But it is in the nature of things that we do not evaluate this cost of time and money.

However if we did take into account not just the financial cost but also the cost in terms of disruption to lessons, searching for lost items, etc., the value of a system which reduces such misplacements and losses would instantly be more apparent.

The fact is that there is an obvious need to identify and track valuable equipment.  All that is needed is a labelling system that clearly states the property of the school and which can be used on such small equipment, which can be difficult.

Such is the thinking behind the ID Mini Mark Labels, which are suitable for exactly the type of equipment that is most likely to go missing. Items such as small electronic equipment from laptops to microphones, tablets to earphones, cables to cameras. 

Each label can incorporate a serial number, thus making it possible to include a lot of data in a small space.

Should anybody attempt to remove the asset label or switch the label onto some other equipment, the material will break into small pieces, thus announcing the fact that the label has been interfered (tampered) with.

Furthermore, because the data is engraved into the surface of the label it cannot be removed with chemicals and cleaning materials.

The Mini Mark labels can be provided with white text on black or silver material with black text. There is more information on our website -

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Published on Tuesday 28th November 2023

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