Keeping track of photographic equipment

In critical economic times many businesses are forced to rely on renting equipment as and when required and the rental market has suddenly taken a huge leap forward. One rental business in particular is for photographic and associated equipment.

This of course entails that the company renting out all the various bits of equipment from cameras, lenses, lights, and other accessories have a clear record of all their assets, where they are, when they will be returned in order that they can be rented out again and increase revenue and most importantly that the very same equipment is actually returned - in other words a lot of valuable equipment to keep track of which involves keeping very careful asset tracking.

Before the event of bar codes and computers it was necessary to manually enter serial numbers and to assign an asset number to each rental item. That process carried the risk of human error in that somebody might put the wrong label/number on a piece of equipment. Furthermore manually entering serial numbers, etc. slowed down the checking in and out equipment.

Dantech's ID MINI MARK labels (about 10 mm diam) can include a serial number and/or 2D barcode thus making it possible to contain alot of data in a small space. These mini asset labels will therefore fit onto even small accessories and because the data is engraved into the surface they will resist chemicals and cleaning materials, grubby and sweaty fingers, etc. Should anybody attempt to remove the asset label, or switch the label onto some other equipment (called misappropriation...) the material will break into small pieces and it is therefore impossible to replace the identification label.

This detailed register enables the rental company to instantly view which equipment is available, expected return date and also information about the customer, which other equipment they have rented, condition before and after rental thus maximizing rental income from assets available.

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Published on Tuesday 30th November 1999

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