Do You Need Identification Labels in a Hurry?

id labels - fast deliveryIdentification or ID labels are a good way to keep track of your company’s assets and equipment. These small yet power labels allow you to clearly label items that your company own, helping to prevent valuable company assets from being misplaced or stolen.

Ideally, you would keep a supply of ID labels in your office so new equipment like tablets and laptops can be quickly labelled ready to be put into used, but this is not always possible.

If you have run out of identification labels, or need new ones in a hurry there is an answer.

Express Labels allows you to quickly and easily design your own ID labels online and then have them printed and delivered to you quickly.

Benefits of using Express Labels

Creating your ID labels

design your own id labelsCreating your own ID labels is easy and only takes 8 simple steps.

  1. Select your design
  2. Pick a size
  3. Pick a colour
  4. Add text (company name)
  5. Add Numbering (optional)
  6. Choose your label material
  7. Add the number of labels you want (in units of 100)
  8. Add any extra instructions

You can view your design throughout the process allowing you to try different designs and colours to get the results you want.

Finish off through with payment and your ID labels will soon be on their way.

Visit express labels!

Selecting your ID label material

If you are unsure about which label material to use here is a quick guide to help you choose:

Need ID labels in a hurry then visit express labels today!

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Published on Tuesday 29th May 2018

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