Benefits of Asset Tags and Asset Labels

Asset labels and tags have played a pivotal role in maximising efficiency and controlling assets in private and public companies as well as Government and public bodies.

asset labels

The value of asset tracking is a high priority for organisations and companies to maintain inventory and deter theft of property. Sequential numbering, barcoding and other forms of tracking reduce labour cost and provide the most accurate information and asset inventory.  Companies of all sizes benefit from the technology which enables them to have tracking software and customised reports.

Fixed asset inventory changes on a daily basis as assets are bought, upgraded, sent for maintenance and repairs or disposed of. Whether the focus is tracking or preventing theft asset labels and asset tags are the tangible evidence of a well-organised asset management program.

The needs of each company are different and Dantech has a comprehensive range of polyestervinyl, polypropylene, foil and metal nameplate materials to suit every customer's needs. Special materials such as steel and aluminium can be used in industrial environments. Serialised barcode numbering, as well as custom artwork and logos, can also be incorporated into each order.

We take pride in delivering a quality product to each customer and our goal is to understand the customers need and provide them with the design and delivery requested.

Dantech is an acknowledged supplier for more than 15 years to both industry, government departments and the educational and health sector of security marking products, asset labels and security labels.

With a high reputation built over the years on customer satisfaction, Dantech can provide help and advice with your marking requirements, contact Dantech on 01354 688 488 for free and unbiased help and advice.

Dantech is an industry leader in custom made asset tagsasset labels and security labels to a wide range of companies.

Published on Monday 19th March 2018

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