Asset tracking with Dantech secure Tesa and 3M labels for identification and marking

Dantech offers a host of security and asset labelling options that can take the metal out of marking and identification. Custom laser engravedasset labels using top quality Tesa and 3M materials are available for virtually every identification code, including name, serial and model numbers, bar codes and more.

Tamper proof laser engraving onto an extremely durable base offer a safe label combination with maximum abrasion resistance and durability. The two layer acrylic film give a high contrast text/code when engraved by precision lasers.

These special Dantech asset labels offer a cutting-edge alternative to conventional coding, identification and marking methods where durability and flexibility is required and because they are laser engraved they can be made to custom sizes and shapes. As a peel and stick application - no screws, rivets or welding required - they offer flexible and quick handling for most industries.

The asset labels are completely resistant to humidity, solvents, abrasion and cleaning fluids. What's more, and making it an even more qualified choice for critical labelling applications, these label materials from Tesa and 3M are completely "tamper evident", meaning that they self-destruct if tampering occurs.

Bar code tracking is becoming a more and more important part of manufacturing.

However, for small electronic devices the lack of available space often hinders application of labels containing enough information to identify key parts not only during manufacture but also during the life of the device. As asset labels become smaller and smaller a 2D Datamatrix codemeets the requirement for condensed data and information in a small area.

Dantech's  Mini Mark labels are available in a variety of standard sizes, conforming to almost all specifications or easily made to most customers own sizes.

Published on Tuesday 30th November 1999

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