Asset Labels and plates

It's a fact of life, companies are always losing valuable equipment because of theft and misplacement because it's impossible to be watching your assets and equipment close enough.

Keeping track of your company's assets should give peace of mind and your employees some accountability. By simply putting a small asset label on employee's laptop or other expensive pieces of equipment, can sometimes mean the difference between getting it back or not.

asset labels

Asset labels come in all sizes, shapes and material types. Most companies that will print custom asset labels with your logo, barcode and specific number sequence. The result is a durable product that has a clear, durable overlaminate that protects that number or barcode from smudging, abrasion and chemicals.

Aluminium foil and polyester labels seem to work best giving long life, exposure to heat and sunlight, etc. Consider perhaps also tamper evident asset labels that can come in the form of an adhesive which leaves behind the word VOID on the asset it was removed from which means that the label can't be taken off and attached to another asset. The label itself also reads "VOID" throughout which will tell that it has been tampered with.

There are also Destructible Vinyl labels that will tear and break into small pieces if someone is trying to remove the label - this is also a strong theft deterrent that will discourage unauthorised asset transfers.

For applications that require harsh environments, heat, chemicals etc. you may want to look at anodized aluminium labels or plates that are practically indestructible. The image is photographically printed into the material and then anodised to give total protection.

There are some companies, including, that print short-run labels with a standard layout that can easily be customized with your company name, contact info, numeric sequence and even colour that can be run quickly with no setup fees.

Published on Tuesday 30th January 2018

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