ID MARK - Security Marking System

Buy Asset Labels onlineID MARK is a permanent visual security marking system for valuable items and equipment that can be used with confidence on most plastics and other porous surfaces.

Should you require ID security marking for items with a silver or shiny surface like iPads we recommend you use: ID SILVER MARK

ID MARK is a stencil system that comes with a marking compound which enables you to permanently mark most items. 

It is applied using precision cut stencils produced on high-tech machines that enable volume orders to be produced with ease.

Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1

ID Mark Security Marking Step 1

To apply ID MARK, simply remove the backing paper of the stencil and affix to the surface of the item to be marked

Step 2

ID Mark Security Marking Step 2

Apply ID MARK compound evenly over the stencil with the spatula provided

Step 3

ID Mark Security Marking Step 3

Leave paste to dry for 3 minutes, peel off the stencil and your security marking is now permanently etched into the surface

Why Choose ID Mark?

ID MARK meets Home Office guidelines for permanent marking. 

Quick and simple to apply, your equipment is permanently marked within a few minutes.

Consecutive numbering for asset tracking can easily be included and it is an ideal opportunity to make an asset register listing all your equipment, at the same time.

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Can be used on:

ID MARK indelible marking system

Prices below are per stencil and include white marking compound and warning labels for doors and windows.

Standard ID MARK security marking


Consecutive numbering: 5p Extra per stencil

ID MARK Standard

ID MARK standard lettering

Available in:

ID MARK Standard - Price Per Stencil

Qty 25 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000
Price £0.96 £0.70 £0.55 £0.48 £0.42 £0.38 £0.36 £0.33

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ID Stencil Mark

ID MARK stencil mark lettering

Available in:


ID Stencil Mark - Price Per Stencil

Qty 25 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000
Price £1.14 £0.98 £0.73 £0.66 £0.60 £0.52 £0.48 £0.41
Prices quoted are ex-factory and exclude VAT & Carriage.
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